We are currently building a blog where people can come to learn everything about moving to London, life in the UK, and International Travel. Our fan base is predominantly young Aussies, Kiwis and Canadians coming to the UK for work, fun and travel opportunities. 
We have a Facebook following of over 5K+ followers who are very active and engaged (even with the FB changes!)

Bloggers and Writers

We are looking for submissions from bloggers and writers who have made the big move to the UK, have the inside info on London life or have great tips on world travelling and adventuring. We are looking to include your content, even stuff that has been posted on your blog, but that can be tweaked for our audience.
We are currently offering exposure for your blog as any selected blog posts will be published online, plus promoted on Social media.
We are not currently offering cash for submissions, but we will promote and aim to push traffic to your blog and give you great exposure through our growing community.


Are you a company looking to gain exposure for your product or services? We are looking for companies who would be of interest to our community and who will offer our community value through product giveaways, competitions, and exclusive discounts. We will also offer a sponsored post service.

Sound Good?

You can view the blog here: http://globalknownobounds.blogspot.co.uk/
If you want to submit a piece or have more questions please get in touch with our editor Celina: cwilde@globalcareerlink.com

Now for the dry but important stuff.

We are looking for posts with images and no more than 500 words.

We can only include blogs/companies that fit with our community so any content or products will be included at the editor’s discretion.

The content must be yours and be original. If we intend to publish your blog we will let you know before putting live and inform you of the intended date.

Your content will still belong to you, but in submitting you authorise Global to use it online and promote it via our social media without royalty or further payment.

Global will credit your name for every submission that is published.

We are looking for fun, informative and inspiring content. Anything that is derogatory, inflammatory, racist or just plain nasty will not be considered, so please don’t submit anything of the sort to us as it will end up in the bin.

Thank you and happy blogging!